A friend of mine, promoter John Baker, recently gave me a copy of a special magazine project which he and two friends (Mike Stax and Andy Neill) had written and recently published about the infamous 1965 New Zealand tour by the young, powerful, and very in-your-face Pretty Things ? here to promote their first album on one of those package tours which were all the rage during the 1960?s.

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Met Chills ex-drummer Jimmy Stephenson first time in over a decade!

We were thrilled to catch up with ex-Chills drummer Jimmy Stephenson at The Gomez support in Chistchurch  and he is as happy as Martin had ever seen him.

He has drummed for his own bands for many years, initially playing covers but now feeling... Read More
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The Chills and Gomez - Christchurch Oct 16

We are pleased to announce we will be playing at The Bedford in Christchurch NZ with English rockers Gomez
Tickets from Ticketmaster and Real Groovy.

See you there

The Chills
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New fan photos added!

We were recently contacted by fan Dave Smith, who sent us a few pictures and what a blast from the past they are.
Dave kindly supplied us with these photos from an Auckland University Quad gig which also featured (according to him) The Able... Read More
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So... you are on the ball

We have opened the vast musty vaults of The Chills' history and checked with the gatekeeper and YES we had got it wrong...

The version of RAIN that we posted was very much recorded 14 April 1990 on the Submarine Bells tour (The Chills phase 11)... Read More
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