The Auckland Pink Frost show

Well, WOW -we had such a great time and were really moved that so many of you came out to see us play.
We had a great time at the Monte Cristo Room and would like to thank the inimitable John Baker , Glen (great post gig guitar action Glen) Anya, Tiffany, Yule, Sarah, Nick, Rob, Kerry, Dave, Andre and the rest of the good people that made this show the resounding success that it surely was!
It was so very good to see so many old faces in the crowd and catching up with many of you after the show was great too.
For the record the set list was:

Set 1
Night of Chill Blue
The Other
Ticking Time Bomb
Wet Blanket
Effloresce and Deliquesce
House with a Hundred Rooms
Liberty or Love
This time Tomorrow

Set 2
Submarine Bells
Walk on the beach
True Romance
Lost in space
I think I'd thought of nothing else to think about
Part past part fiction
New Resolution
I Love my leather jacket
Heavenly Pop Hit
I saw your silhouette

Come Home
Rolling Moon

More soon

The Chills

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