From Norway... With Love!

Last night, Tuesday 23rd of June, my friend and I drove the 20 minutes to Port Chalmers to the pub, Chicks, one of the last live venues in the Dunedin area at present (but these things do come and go).
We were there to see Je Suis Animal (part Norwegain/part British) here to promote their album, 'Self-Taught Magic From A Book'.
First up were local band Bad Sav whom I had heard on the Student Radio One, but that had not prepared me for their live intensity. It is great to see a growing number of really excellent female guitarists, compared to the standard available when I was somewhat younger, and this band has both a female bassist and guitarist with formidable energy and imagination.
The audience had not been huge on our arrival but it continued to grow into a respectable crowd of mainly music-related persons - or so it seemed.
I had heard only a few songs by Je Suis Animal before that night but, as their set progressed, it became apparent that pretty much every song was, at the very least, imaginative and bold, and as they went on the audience and I were blown away again and again as the strength of their songs (and their performance of them) continued to grow - especially with some extraordinary use of an MPC 500 sampler used by the guitarist.
Like The Chills this is a band whose recordings don't really indicate quite how unique and forceful they are in a live setting - but then that has been the way with so many bands over the decades - and always will be.
Their album still sounds wonderful - check it out!
Martin Phillipps.
Vocalist Elin, Martin Phillipps and guitarist Anthony.

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