New Live Song Added

 We have added the MP3 of Rain played live at The Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA on Oct 8 1992 to the site. Thanks to Jeff Kelson and Jack Rabid for this recording. You can access if from the player in the bottom bar or on the music page on the site.
For the record the set list on the night was:
Part Past, Part Fiction
Soft Bomb
Background Affair
Night Of Chill Blue
Male Monster From The Id
Effloresce & Deliquesce
Double Summer
Strange Case
So Long
Song For Randy Newman
Halo Fading
Wet Blanket
The Oncoming Day
Pink Frost
Heavenly Pop Hit
Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Never Never Go
I Love My Leather Jacket
Catch That Phantom Surfboard

The Chills
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