Met Chills ex-drummer Jimmy Stephenson first time in over a decade!

We were thrilled to catch up with ex-Chills drummer Jimmy Stephenson at The Gomez support in Chistchurch  and he is as happy as Martin had ever seen him.

He has drummed for his own bands for many years, initially playing covers but now feeling strong enough (and encouraged by their many fans and friends) they are recording their own material.

He has had some rough times but has risen above them and the new members of the Chills were thrilled to hear tales of the Chills' 'Submarine Bells' tour and other amazing experiences that Jimmy/James has been through over the years since the early nineties when he left The Chills.

Martin was thrilled to hear that Jimmy thought the new band were excellent and we all intend keeping in contact.

(On that note the new band-members bio page will be up and running soon - you will find it one of the more comprehensive lists of band membership around!)

Stay Chilled!
The Chills.
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