A friend of mine, promoter John Baker, recently gave me a copy of a special magazine project which he and two friends (Mike Stax and Andy Neill) had written and recently published about the infamous 1965 New Zealand tour by the young, powerful, and very in-your-face Pretty Things ? here to promote their first album on one of those package tours which were all the rage during the 1960?s.


This tour was comprised of 18 year old British singing sensation Sandie Shaw (she sang SHOELESS!! ? by the sea-shore..?), fading heart-throb Eden Kane, excellent Birmingham-born/NZ-based singer Tommy Adderley and the bright-as-a-button sisters, Sue and Judy Donaldson, based in Auckland and known as The Chicks.


The backing group was the extremely professional Mike Perjanik Showband and there were local support bands in each of the ten cities the troop entertained.


The magazine which John Baker and pals have issued is called ?Don?t Bring Me Down?Under? (published by Ugly Things Magazine) and it?s an excellent insight into an extraordinarily conservative 1960?s New Zealand, valiantly  holding out against the threat of teen-power which had very rapidly been forcing so much change in the United States, Europe and England (still seen as New Zealand?s  Motherland at that time.)

You cannot read a third of a page of this magazine without some cutting reference (pun intended) to the length of the bands? hair.

In fact it?s hair, hair, hair, hair, hair hair, hair?!!


It?s difficult now to believe that hair-length could have ever been an issue huge enough to provoke acerbic editorials and actual physical violence! (Actually, someone could do an illuminating thesis on this ? what was the big deal? It certainly wasn?t the first time that the Western World had let their unwashed locks grow ? in fact the short, back and sides was very much the new stylistic invader! I know of no precedent!)


But that?s not all I wanted to comment on?

Did you know that The Beatles played in Dunedin in 1964?

And many other surprising acts made it this far back in those exciting times!

To find out more stay tuned...



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