Festive Greetings, Chilly Friends!

Festive greetings, Chilly-friends!

Here we go hurtling into the nicely rounded number, 2010 - according to Arthur C. Clarke the year of Odyssey Two, according to Hollywood only two years to go until Armageddon - again and again (I read recently that there have been literally hundreds of DEFINITE end of the world dates circulated over the last couple of millennium, I suspect we'll bungle our way on for a while yet!).

Our keyboardist, Erica, is still working in San Francisco and we did one gig recently (supporting Gomez in Christchurch) with the very  talented local musician Ollie Wilson filling in. He has his own band Knives At Noon (Google them!) and is able to pick up new songs incredibly quickly - and he's a nice guy too.
We were to have played in Dunedin with L.A. band, The Black Watch, last week as ex-Chill Steven Schayer is now playing guitar in that group but, sadly, the death of a close friend of a band-member meant we were unable to - a disappointment to many but these things happen.

I am constantly moving forward with the aid of my manager and friend, Scott Muir, and the scattered parts of my songs are nearly all digitised so that I will shortly be able to begin completing ideas - old and new.
With the recent announcement that Flying Nun Records founder Roger Shepherd has re-acquired the label we are all hoping that the Chills back-catalogue may shortly become more easily available and I have  
many new album projects and other schemes approaching completion that I want you all to hear a.s.a.p. but I refuse to give you all any possible completion dates as one never knows what may happen - except that this saga most definitely isn't over yet!

I want you all to take great care of yourselves and each other over the Festive Season and as far into the new year as you can hold off the cynicism!

Achieve great things and have fun!

Love from Martin Phillipps and The Chills.
New Zealand.
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