We were thrilled to be informed recently, by former Chill Steven Schayer, that The Chills have made it into modern literature in the form of a  mention in the book "It feels so good when I stop" the latest by Joe Pernice of the wonderful group, The Pernice Brothers.
We understand there is a CD to accompany the book too - very nice.

Steven says of the book that... "there's a part where the main guy gets in a car with this girl and she's playing 'Rolling Moon' on the car stereo. He says, "Oh, fantastic choice; I love The Chills!"
She says she loves them too but asks if she can turn it off because it can be a little depressing".

So - thank you Mr Pernice (and please also continue making that mighty fine music!)

And everyone else; let us know if you discover any other Chills references in books, songs and movies etc - and, yes, we know about 'Pink Frost' being featured in the movie 'Girl In The Park'.

Stay Chilled!
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