Imagine our surprise...!

We were thrilled, touched, pleasantly surprised recently when it was pointed out to us that a group had decided to do a tribute to the 1984  video clip for our song 'Pink Frost'.
The group is
Brilliant Colors and their song is called 'Highly 
Evolved' and they have done an excellent job in recreating most of  the key shots in the original clip.
Even the land-scape they have chosen looks remarkably similar to our  own dear
Otago Peninsula where the out-door scenes were shot.
The song, 'Highly Evolved', is very good and is clearly not intended  to resemble 'Pink Frost' in any way.
You can see and hear it on
YouTube or elsewhere, and we hope you take that opportunity
We send heart-felt thanks to Brilliant Colors and hope that their 
career is moving along smoothly and happily.

The Chills
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