OLD CHILLS PHOTO? SOLVED! and Gig tickets...!

This recently found photo I was able to identify because a friend guessed it was taken at Auckland University and the line-up looked around '85 so I checked my '85 diary and our virtually complete list of gigs (which includes support bands, venue, location and, later on, even approximate audience numbers) and I quickly found that it was taken on the 10th of March and that we'd had Auckland's Car Crash Set as support.

There were a number of gigs at Auckland University that year but the actual date was verified because I had written in my diary that "I enjoyed playing outside". Solved!

Has anyone else found old Chills photos that they wouldn't mind sharing - certainly with the understanding that any other use of the images has to have their permission?
Who knows what might turn up!

And here is a link to our gig THIS SAT in Wellington:


Love to see you there!

Stay cool,
Martin Phillipps.

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