Wellington and band musings

Greetings everyone!
Well, some of you heard that we played a long overdue gig in Wellington last Saturday (1st December, 2012) and some of you even attended - although not as many as we'd kinda hoped for (grumble grumble) but…!
Those who did not come along really missed out because, well, how do I put it politely?
We were bloody great!
Yep! We reckon it was very likely the best gig this line-up has done and there were any number of magical moments.
I even got into that very special space where it feels like you can stop playing and the wonderful musical force would just keep on going regardless - that doesn't happen very often.

It certainly helps that Bodega is such a neat venue anyway - one of those places where the vibe is good and it sets the evening off in the right direction. Murray "Mo" Hepple who runs it was wonderful and we also had an excellent sound-person, Mad Matt (sorry - never learned his surname) so our on-stage sound was great and that is so important for a group's "confident outward expression".
And my friend Bruce Mahalski (who also did the eye-catching porcupine fish poster for the gig) was on fine form with his band, The Hipper Critters.

But it was the feeling within my band that made it so special.
Things are happening for us with new live releases (full band and solo) and new material I'm working on towards a proper Chills' album next year. And a Northern hemisphere touring is looking more and more likely - so we are all getting focused and tightening up and the commitment is heart-warming to me.
I am fortunate to have a such a wonderful band (and manager) and I hope many more of you get to see us in action.
Stay tuned for more announcements.
Keep cool!
Martin Phillipps.

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