Kathleen Jamie and Sightlines

I just read a borrowed copy of 'Sightlines' by Kathleen Jamie and I cannot recommend it more highly than I can highly recommend it... highly. Or something. Anyway - it's a fascinating and beautifully written series of episodes from the author's life and she is certainly at one with her poetic muse. And it makes me want to see a whale!! - in the wild! I can't believe I never have. These islands are surrounded by the great big dopes! but they hide when I come along...
"Watch out! It's Marty P.! Hold your breath - we're goin' down!"
"Aw! But Mum! I'm playing with the dolphins!"
"No - leave them. If he sees us he'll probably write some ghastly maudlin bit of music about Vast Majestic Creatures Of The Deep or some such rubbish - and the world should be spared that"
"OK Mum... sigh"
[Big breathing-in noises. Then: Diving noises: OOBLY OOBLY OOBLY oobly oobly oobly…   ooble ooble... ooble... ooble......    ooble... etc]
Marty P.: "Oh, the sea's looking beautiful today! But, once again, no whales! (sigh…) Just once I'd love to see those, um…, oh! I know! Vast Majestic Creatures Of The Deep! Yeah - that's good. I better write it down before I forget" [Wanders off mumbling to himself].


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Mid Feb 2013

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