Martin Phillipps & The Chills - "Walk on the Beach"

Absolutely stunning track from The Chills' Sunburnt LP (1996) on Flying Nun Records. If you don't already have a copy of this album do yourself a favor and get one. Martin Phillipps is a musical genius and dark introspective pop songs are his specialty. The Chills were/are(?) every bit as great as The Smiths or Let's Active.

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Martin Phillipps - Part Past Part Fiction

Martin Phillips of The Chills performs 'Part Past Part Fiction' at a private party in his hometown of Dunedin, July 1, 2006.
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Martin Phillipps at Dunedin City Library - NZ Music Month

Martin Phillipps performed at the city library as part of our NZ Music Month concerts. This clip (c) Martin Phillipps is called Ticking Timebomb and is one of his latest tunes.
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Flying Nun Heavenly Pop Hits Documentary

The Flying Nun Heavenly Pop hits documentary - Part 4. Includes the Verlaines and the Chills.
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Heavenly Pop Hit

The Chills performing Heavenly Pop Hit at the APRA Silver Scroll New Zealand Music Awards, Auckland Town Hall, 10 September 2008.
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