The Chills - Pink Frost (live at the Windsor Castle, Auckland, 10 May 1985)

"Pink Frost" was originally recorded on 29th May 1982, along with "Purple Girl" at Lab Studios in Auckland, as part of a proposed "Rainbow E.P." which would have seen all songs in their set with a color in the title be released as a 12" E.P. (the other songs to be included were "Night Of Chill Blue", "Red Sky Morning" and "Green Eyed Owl"). Whilst the band felt the results to be satisfactory, they felt they could potentially re-record a superior version, and the initial recordings were shelved. Unfortunately, drummer Martyn Bull's subsequent contraction and death from leukemia in July 1983 meant they had to make do with the original recordings, and, on subsequent re-listening to the original tapes, decided that, save for a new vocal track and guitar overdub, the original recording was suitable for release. These overdubs were completed on 5th January 1984. This concert was filmed by Bob Sutton on a Panasonic video camera, the same video camera that was used to film the Doublehappys "Needles and Plastic" video (with negative effect seen briefly at the start) the following month. For this song, however, the camera operator was Paul Hagen, who briefly took over whilst Bob held to microphone stand to stop it from being whacked in Martin Phillipps face by a over zealous crowd. This was digitised from the original master tape in December 2010. The Chills lineup at this point was Martin Phillipps (guitars/vocals), Terry Moore (bass/vocals), Peter Allison (keyboards/vocals), Alan Haig (drums).

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